Time for few laughs which are sent by a new friend! 😉 Welcome back everyone everywhere: the US, the UK, India, Cameroon, Malaysia, Canada, South Africa, Turkey, Kenya, Italy, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Egypt, Malta, Dominican, France, China and all! 😉

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The computer says I need to upgrade my brain - - - | Computer jokes,  Computer humor, Technology humor

49 Funny Tech Cartoons ideas | funny, humor, bones funny

If it was your mom, your sister, or any member of your family who is in sickness situation, try to be patient and supportive.

This is all what they need during this period of their lives.

We hope that you were able to smile or laugh a bit. Life is full of fun but your mood needs some help to triger it.

Sickness is such a nasty feeling. You need to fight it all the way until you get rid of it.

And it is hard and unpredictable yet you need to try; there is nothing else in your hands except trying and having hope that one day you will be back normal again.

Until we chat again, check on any post that you’ve missed, share your laughs with our hugs and kisses

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