Meds’ Effects!

Hesitation means a feeling of unsuccessful part in your operation, figure out which part! 😉

Your physician prescribed to you some tablets to take one everyday. When you got the medication, you found out an attached flyer which was titled “Medication Guide”.

The first paragraph carried the most important info you should know about that med, including the fatal side effects that can lead to death.

Medication GIFs | TenorYou were so surprised and you contacted the pharmacy asking about those terrible side effects to which you were answered not to worry and that statement was nothing but a phrase that the Health Dept. required.

How can you believe that? Why would the Health Dept ask for a paragraph to be attached in a pamphlet warning you about those side effects making you taking a risk of getting cancer, liver issues, death. Is this enough to protect you and your family from any disease?

How would you be the experimental rat who would try the product and when there is any unwanted symptoms, you would report that? Does this make any sense as a protection from a medicine that has fatal side effects.

Pills Drugs GIFs | TenorDo you think that the physician should not prescribe any medication that has serious (or not) side effects? Do you think this will carry more consciousness for a substantial efforts to heal the patient? Do you think it is ethical to tell your patient that s/he can try a medicine bearing the burden of the possibility of losing life?

If your own kids were prescribed medication that has those kinds of serious side effects, would you risk giving it to your child or Best Drug Drop GIFs | Gfycatwould you rather look for another med that does not risk the life of your child?

Do you feel that this is all bizarre and that there is no real care for the health of the individual and that the pharmaceutical companies make money of these medications trials? Is there a way to correct this situation?

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