Mercedes-Benz? 1Zumba!

Lovely friends, readers, bloggers, writers, and anyone who is interested in reading our posts, or finding some inspiration in them, thank you. It’s our pleasure to have you with us. We are here for you, wherever you are, especially our new friends from the US, Czech Republic, India, Canada, Italy, Australia, Mexico, Switzerland 😉

There are plenty of things to be done in our lovely globe, but we need someone to continue any work we start, coz our lives are limited, never forever 🙂  We just tend not to remember this simple fact.

My dear 1Zumba friend, what’s up? You know what? Whenever I say: “What’s up?”, it comes to my mind right away the image of  Robin Williams, in “Mrs. DoubtFire” movie, as if this sentence has been in-coined with him, in my mind. So when I asked you: ” What’s up?” and you find me smiling, now you know why I would be doing so.

As I mentioned to you, yesterday, that I received a Mercedes Benz car key, in the mail. Of course it was a surprise. But with the key, there was a note, that says, I should be going to such a place, to pick up my vehicle on a specific date. Ha-ha! Too good to be true, this is number one, and no. 2, the key’s shape & size, didn’t match the Mercedes cars. Of course, it has to be a new way of promoting cars. I got it 😀

How to become  a successful car salesman is all depend on your reasons behind doing this job. Not only that it takes few steps to be a remarkable auto salesman. More Anyone can be a car salesman, or saleswoman. There is no educational degree that you would need to do this job. All it takes is that you would be interested in sales. 

Your employer would be very happy when you sell more cars, but it’s not in your hand to guarantee this for him. The market has its ups & downs in the sales. Some employers pay you only commission, no salary, no benefits, and that is why many of them do not get good employees.

Best JobsTo be fair, there are good employers, and bad employers. The bad ones are losers, and the reason I am saying this is that. The happier the employee is the more productive s/he is, this is the rule of the thumb. But Linda, 1Zumba friend, has suffered from an employer, who denied her the treatment for her ears, after she lost her hearing working over-the-phone, for that employer, as an interpreter.  She invested 10 yrs of her life in that career, but unfortunately, she didn’t get lucky in choosing the right employer.

Miguel said, when he had his degree, he was not in hurry to work, coz he wanted to choose the right employer, to stay with for the rest of his life. Guess what? He did the right decision. Try to take your time when you apply for a job. Always remind yourself that you are precious, and you are in demand. The employer will gain when you join his/her business. You will be hired because you are valuable, and many employers wish to have you with them. You are an asset!

Never let anyone exploit you. Employers can change your contract to satisfy your needs, so speak up your mind. Do not act embarrassed or shy when it comes to your rights. You have rights by law. Please bring it up to your mind, when you are negotiating a contract or a new job. You are the valuable one in this negotiation. They do not show it, but they need you!


Today, I have been to the Jacuzzi, coz Vanessa told me “when your knees hurt, just go to the Jacuzzi, and alternate between the swimming pool & the Jacuzzi: 10 minutes swim, n 10 min Jacuzzi.” So I’ve tried that, n it felt good, but made me so hungry after that. I almost had more than a quarter of a chicken by myself. I felt very full.

Few months ago, after having lunch with few friends, I told my 1Zumba friend: “I never felt that full in my whole life”, but today, it felt exactly the same. So this would be the 2nd time, to feel this kind of fullness eating grilled chicken with cucumber.

It’s so funny, I craved the chicken and the cucumber, as if I was pregnant, haha! So delicious. I love food. Have I ever told you that? Healthy food is good, of course. Which one do you like more, my 1Zumba friend: Godiva or Ferrero Rocher? I know that too many chocolates are no good. I’ll get you one or two only 😉

Let’s have a short break, then come back to you, with our 100 Q competition. Love you all, especially you, you, you & you ❤


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