For Bambi, We’ll Vote, 1Zumba!

Welcome welcome our fantastic smart friends and visitors. Thank you for coming to our page today. We miss you all the time.

Our deep thanks to our friends in the US, Mexico, Thailand, Italy, & The UK. 😉

My bird told me that it was a fake performance, and that the two main characters were playing the people. 

They denied it, but they were dear friends.

So, they help each other, but what’s the plan? It’s simple. The two would nominate themselves for the two main parties. Since the media is almost  owned by one of them. He’s able to control everything.

At first, the picture of the intended one is gonna be bad. Then, after the first phase, the pictures of the second opponent would be the worst, giving up all for the assumable whinny.

However, the play was very poor in performance, as well as in taste. She reminds many intellectuals of Mubarak’s wife, and their Democratic Party, who was in control of every single breath in Egypt. It’s exactly the same terrible scenario :mrgreen:

Therefore, we, the US poor people,  decided to vote for Bambi 

The proof we have is, go back to the media choices of pictures for both opponents; of course all the closer friends have already known that, as we were told.

Anyway, we find other people, who are decent, clean, honest, with good reputation, who deserve to be voted for, if you’re interested in other trustworthy people go here.

Ratings are false. Nobody intend to vote for those two, except their patronage.

Look here please. See other US parties.

Thank you for being with us today 1Zumba friends, let us hear your comments and questions as usual. Our love & kisses for each one of you ❤


Green Party.
Reform Party.
Libertarian Party.
Constitution Party.


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