Make Ur Own Tote, 1Z!

Dear readers from everywhere, welcome to our pages, one more time, especially our friends from the US, Sweden, & Paraguay 😉

My 1Zumba friend, sometimes I feel like a motherless child, and I need my mother to take my hand, to look into my eyes, and approve of what I’m doing. It’s funny, huh! 😕

It’s a new Monday in our lives, a new week to start, n we need all the energy on Earth to energize our brains & our bodies. Lidia, a 1Zumba friend, asked us about an eggplant recipe, and we will provide it in our next post.

Stanley wanted to talk about how to make a bag, responding to one of our previous articles, about how department stores are making millions out of the ¢ 1o  bags they force us to buy, in order to put our things in, but before that to carry out their promotional plans.

He said that one positive way to fight the greed of those department stores, is not to buy these bags, instead we should make our own bags, with our own colors and tastes.

Miranda admired Stanley’s idea, and put it into action. She gave us the steps on how to make a simple tote bag, with the colors we prefer, with the size we like. It could be as large as we wish to, or as small as we like.

The steps are very simple

1- Choose the fabric and the color (Alternative is to use any old dress you have, any towel that you do not use, any fabrics that you bought and never used, or get some from Goodwill).

2- Place your fabric on the table, and measure your sides of the rectangular shape you choose.  Draw the lengths that you decide to have for your bag.

3- Cut the shape and sew the sides and the bottom.

4- Hem the top side of your bag, and make to small cuts in both sides.

5- Get a wide rope, cut the length you need for the bag’s hand, and insert each end to one side, make a knot from the inside on each side.

Voilà! Here’s your lovelier bag. Use everywhere you wanna go shopping; whether the place is selling a shopping bag or not; you don’t need to pay the ¢ 10, they wanted to enforce you to pay.

You see how easy it is to come up with your own bag. No need to bother yourself with the freaks ideas that swindlers come up with to steal your money, and leave your pocket drained out. 😀

Lily, one of our group, went to action right away, and made that fantastic elegant bag out of one old outfit she had, and sent the picture for us. Thank you for sharing.

Online, you’d find millions of simple designs, easy to do in few minutes. If you made one pls send us a picture, if you wish to share with other friends.

Thanks guys for visiting our pages , and give us your big hug, until we talk some more ❤


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