Black or White Friday, 1Zumba!

OMG! Thank you, fantastic friends for seeing you again; especially our friends from the US, Bosnia & Herzegovina, New Zealand, Serbia, Austria, Croatia, Germany, Uruguay, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, n Macedonia. 😉

My dear 1Zumba friend, it was super great to hear from you all those lovely suggestions. We will be seeing you soon hopefully 😀


Why people are so quite?  I went to our Sun Valley Mall, and it was a black Friday, and I thought that I’d find everyone out there shopping. There was crowds no doubt about that, but most of the stores, except the department stores, were almost with no customers.


JC Penny was extremely busy; their discounts were absolutely impossible to resist. Macy’s as well, the perfumes were at their least prices. Linda, 1Zumba friend, commented on what was going on that day, saying, people did not have the cash nor the credit, so they were having only window shopping. 😛


Oh! “Don’t say that Linda”, my neighbor told her.


It was good to have a walk and few photos for the Santa Corner they had. Actually, it was not a corner, it was rather the middle area, where the illuminated elevator was going up & down, carrying children to take photos with Santa.


We took many photos, I’m sharing few of them with you here, just to give you a feel of how it went on that special Black & White Day! Haha!


I hope you had a chance to have some shopping. It’s hard to wait until the last moment, coz by that time, almost all nice things are gone! 🙄

Oh! Let us have more chatting in a little bit, probably we can get into a continuation with our SuperStars, or who knows. Hugs & kisses. Take good care of yourself in this cold weather ❤

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