Listen! It’s your chance to be a butterfly! Opportunities like this come once in a life time 😉 Welcome back dear readers and friends from everywhere including the US, India, Portugal, and Mexico 😉

Probably the beauty of light was not quite manifested in our previous post, but today after visiting my new dentist, I noticed that taking a shot of his guests area would give an excellent demonstration for how the lights could give beauty to the whole ambiance of the place.


Wow! I felt in love with not only the beauty of lights’ arrangement but also with the simple yet very sophisticated decoration.

Here I am now sharing this with you via few pictures that I was allowed to take to show it to all of my friends everywhere.


That’s all I want to say for you tonight but we will have a continuation for the beauty.  It is not completely covered yet.

Until we chat again, feel free to check on our topics list, and choose the subjects that move your inspiration, and you’ll find plenty. Stay cool with our kisses and hugs

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