SuperStar Bollybeats!

Updated but we still waiting for other photos! Your comments are welcome!


Dear friends and readers, welcome to our “good-stuff” world . Thank you folks & followers from the US, Australia, Mexico, Uganda, Ireland, New Zealand, France, n Romania 😉

Today we have a new Star with us, in a new interview in 7000 SuperStars. He is from India, and in the world of dancing.  Let’s see how the interview started? And what brought him on board of our 😉

MAY 3RD, 5:33PM

Belated happy birthday Sophie!

FRI 11:00PM

Sophie: Thank you so much 󰀀

Would you be interested in having an interview with us similar to this:
1Zumba Happy Italy!
……gram must help people not only to improve their healthy but their happiness too. That’s What I want to see: happy people ………………

SAT 1:08AM 

Rohit: yes sure
Where are you located right now? How would you like to introduce yourself to us?

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