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Sam and Ruby said that good managers nowadays are rare coz the majority is after higher sales, and having the focus on that goal only is not the right thing to do.

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Many employees quit their jobs coz of the bad treatment they receive from a supervisor or a senior employee who is bossing around.

** You don’t want to be ordered, you want to be asked politely to do things.

** You don’t want to be patronized, you want to be spoken to as an equal, not as a lesser.


** You don’t want to be treated as if your opinion doesn’t matter, you want to be listened to and appreciated.

You’re giving your time which is your life to a place to let it survive. It is may be true that the place can survive without you, but still, you’re doing a huge task for that workplace no matter what job you’re doing.AngryEmployee

The good managers, the real leaders see to that. They are not above you. They are equal. They respect you and appreciate what you offer no matter how little it is. Good managers understand that their job is to help you achieve your goals, and that their mission is to succeed in getting you to integrate your goals to their goals for the sake of the good business you run together.

Many stories from real life about leaders and managers in our next post.

Until then, get your comments ready and check on our new updated topics, with our hugs and kisses

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