Your Money³!

Welcome back for a new day and a new post! 😉 Thank you friends from the US, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Germany, Bolivia, the UK, and all! 😉


A: But the Stock Market is doing great.
B: This is not the economy, this would not abolish the gigantic debt the US carries right now.
YourMoneyA: I think I understand this part: the bigger the debt of a country, the more trouble it has, but other countries have debts too.
B: focus on us for now pls.
A: Ok, work with me to educate people about it.
B: Unfortunately, people do not have power to change anything so long as certain mindset is ruling .
A: People are there and ready to do things for their country.
B: We can’t claim things that we know that it is unreal.

A: Got it but I’m bored now. What is it?
B: Ok Ok I’ll give you some clues. If you want to make a cake and you’re short of some ingredients but you don’t want to buy anything else, what will you do?
A: Make the cake with what I have.
B: Exactly, you work with what you have, you’re getting very close.

Until we chat more about it, think more while you’re relaxed with our hugs and kisses

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