MT River of Gold!

It is quite interesting to know that about gold mining in Montana:

Is panning for gold legal in Montana?
To summarize, panning doesn’t require any permits. Small sluices are allowed, but suction dreading is heavily regulated. A detailed breakdown of Montana’s gold mining laws can be found on the USDA’s official PDF guide for prospecting.
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16 of the Richest Mining Towns & Gold Camps in Montana (Map) -  RareGoldNuggets.comLiving in Montana is great if you like the cold weather. Maybe it is similar to living in Alaska or Washington State but you would only know that if  your tried  living there.

River of Gold in Montana where you can pan and get extraordinary gifts.

Until we chat again, gold mining could be very inspiring to healthy youth with our hugs and kisses ❤MT Gold River

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Todd Hoffman is Getting One Last Shot at Gold Mining - NewsBreak
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