Mr. Brush!

Wherever you are, have a happy daylight or nightlight!! 😉

Have you thought about Mr. Brush and his potential laughs? You see creating a character in your story comes easy at a time, but you have to work on developing it. This is the tricky part about it.

As a continuation for your last post:

IMG_E1583Every time he (Mr. Brush) fails:

  • the written stuff is too small for him, so he tries to read it with his glasses on but still it doesn’t work, he brings his magnifier after trying his phone magnifier, but it fell down broken into tiny pieces which he couldn’t use anymore.

  • he is not familiar with the technical terminology of the smart phone; you can imagine searching the dictionary or online search and how it could take forever to decipher its meaning.

  • He is always distracted by other things around him such as TV shows or something in the kitchen on the stove or things in his mind.

Mr. Brush is born in 2022 but he is already 35 yrs old with one son, one daughter, one wife, and one dog. Think about it!

Until we chat again, be safe and contact us sharing any work, with our hugs and kisses ❤                                                                                                                


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