Cirque Du Soleil!

You are great friends, try to enjoy your holidays! 😉   

Probably you’ve already watched them before but they never stop from surprising everyone. They have a very special gift in performing these impressive shows.

Cirque du Soleil is a Canadian entertainment company and the largest contemporary circus producer in the world. Located in the inner-city area of Saint-Michel, . . .  more

Take a quick look at some of the pictures that shows some obvious talent from every performer in this show.


Thank you for spending time with us all friends from: the US, Spain, China, France, Mali, Cameroon, Saudi Arabia, the UK, Spain, Australia, India, Canada, Philippines, Nigeria, Germany, Mexico, Portugal, Kenya, Hungary, South Korea, Colombia, Argentina, Maylasia, Japan, Ireland, Indonesia, Finland,  Tailand, Pakistan, Russia, Macedonia, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Albania, Lebanon,  Finland, South Africa, Brazil, and all ❤ 

Until we chat again, be here be near be inspired, with our hugs and kisses

Holiday Flower Tree®











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