For Art Reasons³⁴!

Your feelings are protected inside of you; nobody else can feel it! 😉   Do you know that the flowers have their own art? If you don’t believe it, take a quick look here. Here’s a friend’s opinion:  Spring comes on like a surprise. No matter how old you are, the vibrant yellow of the first … More For Art Reasons³⁴!

For Art Reasons³¹!

Do you miss us? Yes, you do; then visit us more, what are you waiting for?! 😉   Still, it is for nature photography lovers who have a special appreciation for capturing the moment of the day in its best manifistation. Why do you like  photography?   Photography allows us to express and bring out the beauty … More For Art Reasons³¹!

For Art Reasons³⁰!

Laughing could be contagious & transmissible! 😉   For photography lovers who like to contemplate special nature photos. Why photography is a great art?   Photography can tell a story, it can capture a moment in time, it can document, and it can be art. There are many technical uses for photography as well as social … More For Art Reasons³⁰!

For Art Reasons²⁹!

Be cheerful, your plans are planned, just lean on Him! 😉   For art lovers who like funny shapes of animals for kids, maybe this picture will be a good inspiration. Maybe it belongs to the Disneyland style. Then, why do people like Disneyland? According to Disneyland, Disneyland is the “happiest place on earth.” It’s an enclosed … More For Art Reasons²⁹!

For Art Reasons²⁸!

It’s a lovely day with loveliest expectations! 😉   When it comes to art, it is puzzling. For one, there is frequent disagreement among artists and art lovers. For a second, it is agreeable that any creation expresses certain moments a person passes through is art. It carries very special feelings nobody else could sense or … More For Art Reasons²⁸!

For Art Reasons²⁷!

It’s a lovely day with loveliest expectations! 😉   The same question: Is this art? Yes, for a special occasion, such as Halloween, too many scary faces or masks are created for having fun. Maybe you like it or maybe not: different tastes have unequal preference, especially with kids it is hard to tell what they … More For Art Reasons²⁷!