Oc 2022 Topics!

October 2022 Thanks for being part of your day, we appreciate it dear loyal friends šŸ˜‰ Happy October Birthdays! She & Heāµ! The Teacher’s Hat! The Teacher’s HatĀ²! The Teacher’s HatĀ³! She & Heā¶! For Art ReasonsĀ²ā·! The Waitress! The WaitressĀ²! Last Seen Alive! Overeating! Tips for Overeating! The Truth & The Pills! For Art … More Oc 2022 Topics!

Sp 2022 Topics!

September 2022 Thanks for having us in your day, we appreciate it dear friends šŸ˜‰ SophieMovies.com! Fashionable Wedding Dress! Fundraising! Both Ways! Coloring for All AgesĀ³! Labor Day 22! Handbags! Address Your Purple Circles! Factory! Farwell, Queen Elizabeth II! Save Your Brain! Reading! Your Lease! US Tennis Open Final! Frozen Shoulder! Den-twists? Happy September Birthdays! … More Sp 2022 Topics!

Ag 2022 Topics!

August 2022 Thanks for having us in your day, we appreciate it dear friends šŸ˜‰ Heat Tips! Think Better of YourselfĀ³! Light Dinner! Happy August Birthdays! Back to Old-Fashion Trusted Ads! For Art ReasonsĀ²Ā³! How Old! How Old! Immortality, Any News?! Street Food & Cholesterol! Street Food & CholesterolĀ²! Street Food & CholesterolĀ³! Street Food … More Ag 2022 Topics!

Jl 2022 Topics!

July 2022 Thanks for having us in your day, we appreciate it dear friends šŸ˜‰ Happy July Birthdays! Energy from AngerĀ²! For Art ReasonsĀ¹ā¹! July on the 4th! July on the 4th! July on the 4th! Think Better of Yourself! Wheel of Fortune! Online Games! Eid Al-Adha 4 Days! Babies! Etiquette of Hosting Relatives! Glass … More Jl 2022 Topics!

Jn 2022 Topics!

June 2022 Thanks for having us in your day, we appreciate it dear friends šŸ˜‰ Pharmaceutical Effects! Thank Your Creator! Dumbledore! Car-Accidents! Geico Fails! Geico FailsĀ²! Geico FailsĀ³! Geico Failsā“! June’s Happy! ******* Be Which! For Art ReasonsĀ¹ā·! Flip Your Money! Retrieving Your Docs.! WA Plans! SF Warriors Win! Save Your Hair! Your Rainy Days! … More Jn 2022 Topics!

My 2022 Topics!

May 2022 Thanks for having us in your day, we appreciate it dear friends šŸ˜‰ Repair Your Ethics! Manage Dizziness! Eid Al-Fitr 3 Days! Easy Move! Although! For Art ReasonsĀ¹ā“! Mother & Honeymoon! SleepĀ²! May 22, Mothers’ Day! SleepĀ³! Footwear! The Queen! The Queen! For Art ReasonsĀ¹āµ! Thieves! Summer Time! The Outfit! Move Never Stress! … More My 2022 Topics!

Ap 2022 Topics!

April 2022 Thanks for having us in your weekend, we appreciate it dear friends šŸ˜‰ Natural Plants! April Fools! All Hail! ***** Ramadan & Easter! Your NailsĀ²! Gucci! For Art ReasonsĀ¹ā°! Natural Cosmetics! Save Your Nice Mood! Shrinking! Forgotten 2! Tranquility! Recipes Re-adjust! For Art ReasonsĀ¹Ā¹! April’s Happy! Berkeley Tunnels! Unstoppable Love! SophiePublish.com! ***** The … More Ap 2022 Topics!

Mc 2022 Topics!

March 2022 Thanks for having us in your weekend, we appreciate it dear friends šŸ˜‰ A Teacher & A Principal! A Teacher & A PrincipalĀ²! A Teacher & A PrincipalĀ³! A Teacher & A Principalā“! Movies’ Time! A Teacher & A Principalāµ! A Teacher & A Principalā¶! A Teacher & A Principalā·! The Spikes! For … More Mc 2022 Topics!

Fb 2022 Topics!

February 2022 Thanks for having us in your weekend, we appreciate it dear friends šŸ˜‰ Feb. 2022! My Father’s Violin! Val. Presents! Aquarium Adventures! For Art ReasonsĀ³! Heartache! Reading Needs 911! Stuck Together! Save Souls! Prices Fireworks! Do You like to Look Younger?! Write Right! Something Special! For Art Reasonsā“! Aquarium AdventuresĀ²! If! Entertaining Love … More Fb 2022 Topics!

Jn 2022 Topics!

January 2022 Thanks for having us in your weekend, we appreciate it dear friends šŸ˜‰ Thanks Friends in 2021!! Hello, 2022! Maybe! I Love Lucyā€! Curb Sale! Profanity! Positive Vibes or ;! Positive Vibes or Ā²! Positive Vibes or Ā³! Art for Good ReasonsĀ²! Another Night with Another Story! Tachysensia! What a Day! Europa! EuropaĀ²! … More Jn 2022 Topics!

Dc 2021 Topics!

December 2021 Thanks for having us in your weekend, we appreciate it dear friends šŸ˜‰ Zinnia! So Surprising Mr. Baldwin! Youth Driving! Counting Down 2022! Your 2022! The Larrabees! Feelings! Jokes with Maria! Headache Solutions! Hair Headache Solutions! Hair Headache SolutionsĀ²! The Unforgivable! New SuperStar, CA! Rare Tornado Hit! Your Updated Topics Reference! History of … More Dc 2021 Topics!

Nv 2021 Topics!

November 2021 Thanks for having us in your weekend, we appreciate it dear friends šŸ˜‰ Halloween with Jazmin & Squirrels! Baldwin is Accused of Murder! Overthinking! Walk & TalkĀ³! Free Guy! OverthinkingĀ²! Enjoyment of Writing! Stop Abusing Teachers! Army of Thieves! Great Trimming! What Situation?! Veteransā€™ Day 2021! Red Notice! Sky Taxi! New Invest! New … More Nv 2021 Topics!

Oct 2021 Topics!

October 2021 Thanks for having us in your weekend, we appreciate it dear friends šŸ˜‰ Resemblance! Elephant Insurance! Elephant Insurance! Chewing GumĀ²! Chewing GumĀ²! Hackers! Creepy Hope! Head to Gold! Head to CO! Haunted Homes! Premonition! GA Gold or ID Gold?! Halloween Fun! Chabot! Songs Why?! Songs WhyĀ²?! Michigan Gold! Balls! MT River of Gold! … More Oct 2021 Topics!

Sp 2021 Topics!

September 2021 Thanks for having us in your weekend, we appreciate it dear friends šŸ˜‰ Humor Your Kids! Humor Your KidsĀ²! Unsolved, Substitutes! Labor Day 21! Unsolved, SubstitutesĀ²! Visit Maine! To Florida! Jazmin! Frogs! Gardening Wonders! Nobody Disconnect The Misfits! She & Heā“! CA Tomorrow! WA Deception Pass! Montana Free Land! Excuse Me?! Schools &Teachers! … More Sp 2021 Topics!

Ag 2021 Topics!

Ag 2021 Thanks for having us in your weekend, we appreciate it dear friends šŸ˜‰ Phase 3! Phase 3Ā²! Graffiti?! Complaint againstĀ Booking.comĀ  Phase 4! Fire Brutality! EBT, Really?! Phase 5! Phase 6! Phase 6Ā²! Landscape! Phase 7! Phase 7Ā²! Smoke Continues! Your Water Bottle! Phase 7Ā³! Final Phase 7! Farmersā€™ Market! Bring Back Cheerfulness to … More Ag 2021 Topics!

Jl 2021 Topics!

July 2021 Thanks for having us in your weekend, we appreciate it dear friends šŸ˜‰ She & HeĀ³! Special Concert! 4th & Happy! Loser-Winner! Green or Red?! A Special Wish! Eid Adha Mubarak! Wait a Minute! Men Likeā€¦! Online Schooling! Why Should You? Secrets of Getting Married! Marriage Project! Marriage ProjectĀ²! Swimming for Kids! Phase … More Jl 2021 Topics!

Jn 2021 Topics!

June 2021 Thanks for having us in your weekend, we appreciate it dear friends šŸ˜‰ New Movies 2021! Inventors! Summer School! The Tree & The Reed! Test Your Eyes! Researchers! Scientists! Beaches! Forests! Bathrooms! In Your 40s?! Think! Rivers! Heat Solution! Hint of Love! Perry Mason! Heat Wheel! The Best Day! Tuesday Class! Class-Analysis! Street-Performance! … More Jn 2021 Topics!

My 2021 Topics!

May 2021 Thanks for having us in your weekend, we appreciate it dear friends šŸ˜‰ Motherā€™s Day! Classroomsā€™ Challenges! Diabolical!? CA to Where?! Your Last Chance! Thunder Force! Your Passion! Who Are You?! Your Creator! Peace Treaties Revoked! The Marksman! Do Your Job! Against the Entire Occupation! Song! 20,000 Murders! 20,000 Murders! Poor Girl! The … More My 2021 Topics!

Apr 2021 Topics!

Apr 2021 Thanks for having us in your weekend, we appreciate it dear friends šŸ˜‰ Loaning! AZ Diamonds! Your Moneyā¶! Big DealĀ³! News of the World! To Every Human-Being! Trillions of $$$$$! FL Success! NV Mayor! Roll the Laugh Again! Better Laugh! Is That Me?! Palestine Exists! Batteries! Critical in Schools! A Stimulus, When! Three … More Apr 2021 Topics!

Mar 2021 Topics!

Mar 2021 Thanks for having us in your weekend, we appreciate it dear friends šŸ˜‰ Spine of Iron! Australia Leads against The Big Tech! A 50-Statesā€™ Movement?! Just for Projecting Power?! Sorry! Having Fun! Solutions Against Being Robbed! Your Money! Your MoneyĀ²! Your MoneyĀ³! Nice Movie! Your Moneyā“! Technical Writing! Time is Life! Get Some … More Mar 2021 Topics!

Jan/Feb 2021 Topics!

Jan/Feb 2021 Whatā€™s Your New?! Celebrate 2021! Welcome 2021! 2021 Laughs in 5! Celebrations under Siege! Special Entertainment! From 20 to 21! Stimulus Check Game! Bernadette! See This! Still More Tomorrow! People Roasted The Congress! Shooting People! Did You? Who Is It?! Banned! Ignore Facts?! A Wake-up Call! Why?! Got it Wrong! Just Pretend! Withdraw … More Jan/Feb 2021 Topics!

Nov/Dec 2020 Topics!

Nov/Dec 2020 Only 3 Days! Social-Networks Dilemma! Social-Networks Dilemma! Happy Birthdays November! Due Re-Election?! Temporary! Legitimate! Man with a Plan! Validity! Veterans Day! Media Dictatorship! Fraud Proofs! Abuse of Credibility! Millions Trump March! Supreme Court Say! Serious Charges: Logan Act! The Truth! Stranger Than Fiction! FFB?! Still Former Vice-President! From Coast to Coast! Nevada? Current … More Nov/Dec 2020 Topics!

Sep/Oct 2020 Topics!

Sep/Oct 2020 Safe Living! Happy Birthdays September! Swimming! Puzzle! Ben Affleck! Piano! Optimism! Vampires! Nails-Health! Poker & New Bond! Labor Day! Eyelash Extensions! Heat Tips! Angelaā€™s Eyelashes! Giant CA Fires! Angelaā€™s EyelashesĀ²! Smoky Weather Tips! Wish Man! Your Ad- Very Special Offer! Seattle to Where?! Under The Eiffel Tower! Waste of Time! Put on Your … More Sep/Oct 2020 Topics!

Jl/Ag 2020 Topics!

Jl/Ag 2020 Defend Your Police! Defund Gangsters! Empower Your Police! Music! No Returns! 4th of July! Happy 4th! An Invitation! Suggest! Hospitalsā€™ Inspection! She & He! Invite! Manager vs. Leader! Be! Survival Spirit! Happy July Birthdays! Your Outdoor Class! Love, Of Course! Outdoors! Living Under The Bridge! Laugh With Puppet! EDD?! Overcome Uncertainty! Self-Healing! Super-Powers! … More Jl/Ag 2020 Topics!

May/Jn 2020 Topics!

May/Jn 2020 A beautiful day fun and full of memories šŸ˜‰ Coloring Music! [5/1/2020] Viva Seniors! Parking Thoughts! Look of Doubt! We Care! Your Day, Mothers! Roll The Dice! Your Eyelashes! Coloring Flowers! Coloring Flowers! Who Are These People? Vaccine in its Way! Eid Al Fitr Entertainment! Memorial Day! Complicated! Like It! Alphabetical Order of … More May/Jn 2020 Topics!

Mar/ Apr 2020 Topics!

Mar/Apr 2020 Thanks for spending part of your day with us, we appreciate it dear friends šŸ˜‰ Back to You! Deadly Still There! Immune Yourself! Your Crazy Mask! More Precautions! Now! Alien Code! Against the Law! Lovely Lights! Fools Out! Beauty Nature! Great Peace Strike! People & Mr. Rogers! Online-Shopping Under Deadly! Back Up Rudeness! … More Mar/ Apr 2020 Topics!

Jan/Feb 2020 Topics!

Jan/Feb 2020 Timing 2020! Timing 2020Ā²! Timing 2020Ā³! Timing 2020ā“! Timing 2020āµ! Everyone! 2020! 2020 1st Night! Like That! Condolences from the American People! Satisfaction! Can You Imagine? Attack, Really? Leave! Leave! Why Else? Endless Growth! Real Protection! Simple Laughs! Far Beyond! Woman Vs. Man! Who is She? The House! Fight Virus! Cleanliness of Virus! … More Jan/Feb 2020 Topics!

Nov/Dec 2019 Topics!

Nov/Dec 2019 Bookmarks?!Ā  Ā [Nov7th2019] To Veterans! Something! Yep! Invalid! Question, Masterminds! Happy Thanks! Whatā€™s The Point? Loan Tactics! Calendarsā€™ Times! Calendarsā€™ Analysis! 2020 CRAZY CALENDAR! 2020 Calendar Drunkard Affairs! Lights Countdown! Holiday Estrangement! Life Secrets! On Christmas Night! Bart Night! Bart NightĀ²! Happy Countdown 2020! Your Go Time! ā™„ Welcome back friends from the US, … More Nov/Dec 2019 Topics!

Sep/Oct 2019 Topics!

Sep/Oct 2019 Heard-Echos! Why Brooding?! Starbucks! Subsā€™ Catastrophe! Your Posts in Alphabetical OrderĀ  Your Posts in Alphabetical OrderĀ  Thatā€™s Right! What Eggsā€™ Call?! Yes! The True Winner! Wow, Media! Gas Strikes! Dissolve?! ā€œNo More Warsā€, US People Say! Your New Friends! Be In-Love! High Cost Cheap War! [Oct.30-2019] Just trying to make the topics section … More Sep/Oct 2019 Topics!

Jl/Ag 2019 Topics!

Jl/Aug 2019 Happy 4th! (July 2019) Solutions! Enjoy! Your Secrets! The Monuments Men! Blind-in-Mind! Oops! Homey Patriotic! Craving Yours! Because! Wisdom of Death! ID Him! Unmanliness So! Fish! Congrats. California! Laugh, CA! Your Lawyer! Sts. Say! Standstill! Change of Minds! Go Up! Made-In!Ā  Ā (Aug 30 2019) Just trying to make the topics section more accessible … More Jl/Ag 2019 Topics!

Mar/ Apr 2019 Topics!

Mar/Apr 2019 Thanks for spending part of your day with us, we appreciate it dear friends šŸ˜‰ Great Step!Ā  (3/1/2019 Clear Vision! Without Talk! Dangerous?! Dangerous! $700, (Trillions)?! Ā Protect Country! Ā  Ā Ā  Whatā€™s Going on? Gourmet! Crisis! Married to The US! With Trump, Yourā€™re Engaged! No Global Warming! CA/US Illegal Invasion! Republicans, Whereā€™re You? Idiots?! … More Mar/ Apr 2019 Topics!

Jan/Feb 2019 Topics!

Jan/Feb 2019 Countdown Live 2019! Still Counting Down! šŸ”šŸ”’ Unlock The Lock! šŸ”šŸ”“ New Yearā€™s Movie! Always! 5?! šŸ˜¦šŸ˜’šŸ˜©šŸ˜žšŸ˜§ Hopes! Why Loans? Candles! On The Edge! Tattoos! Deepest Living! Netflix Conspiracy! To The Point! Loan! Stupendous! Entertainment Views! Muzzy? ā€œA Funny Thing ā€¦ā€ Real Comedy! Ice-Dancing? ā€œA Funny Thing ā€¦ā€Ā² Walling, Housing, & Gas! Diamonds! … More Jan/Feb 2019 Topics!

Nov/Dec 2018 Topics!

Nov/Dec 2018 No.1?! From Netherlands & Thailand! Your Food! Movie 27! Trip Time? Comments! Insecure? Prayer & Shy! Prayers & Discipline! Who Pays What? Greet Veterans! List AlphabeticallyĀ² Have Fun! Ready for Your Picture? May Be Fun! Explored Colors! Explore Colors! 7000 SuperStars! Youā€™re Next! Moviesā€™ Sickness! Happened in Apt.4C??! Eyelids! Your Eyelids! Wow! Borders … More Nov/Dec 2018 Topics!

Sep/Oct 2018 Topics!

Sep/Oct 2018 Sharing is such a good idea. It eventually gives you a relief. Quiz Show! Dronesā€™ Problems! Banks! From Poland! Recruitment Laughs! The Lighter! Employees vs. Entrepreneurs! She! From Russia! Your Hands! Pluto vs. Hatchi?! From Canada! Spinach Carota! From Singapore! Leaders! A Song! Your Belly-Button! From the UK! Tennis Solution! Sunglasses! Flying Hoverboard? … More Sep/Oct 2018 Topics!

Jul/Ag 2018 Topics!

Jul/Ag 2018 ASAP! The Academy! 1Zumba Disney! 4th Happy! Loud! Crush it! What Should You Do? Laugh! A Vacation? Everyday! 1Zumba Boom! Over-The-Phone, 1Zumba! A Letter? A Paradox? 1Zumba + / ā€“ Managers! Empower! EmpowerĀ²! Managers, Lead! Cocktail? Arrested Psychologists? Fresh! Potion for Wings? Extend Your Lifespan! Natural Nails! Your Ideas! Dancing Fitness! Explore! Retail! … More Jul/Ag 2018 Topics!

May/Jn 2018 Topics!

May/Jn 2018 Here! The Piano! Denuclearization?! Slaves of SmarmPhones! Your Fit Feet!Ā² Family! Your Tongue! Campfire Dining! A Ship? Birthday Cake! Torment of Success! Cell-Phones? Adventurous? Secrets.gov! Ice-Cream! Drugs! Magic? MagicĀ²? MagicĀ³? Mamas! ā™„ā™„ā™„ā™„ā™„ Real Magic? Unpaid 30! MoviesĀ²! Change! Know Love! My Own Queen! Fashion? Everything! Dentists? Magicā“? Magicā“? Ųœā€SophieĀ¹Ųœā€ā°Ųœā€ā°Ųœā€ā° Stories! Milk! Jeans! Your … More May/Jn 2018 Topics!

Mar/ Apr 2018 Topics!

Mar/Apr 2018 Water! Accent Again? Onionsā€™ Weight Loss! Roasted Veg. Weekend-Special? True Beauty! Secrets! Ah! My 1Zumba! (Update) A Case against Gas Prices! Your Life Matters! Strategic vs. Tactical Ultimate Options! You! Lady G! Fear! Tips! Money Tricks! Studentsā€™ Power! Eyes! Your Crossword & Technology! Poogweese! Pilot Meals! Diamonds vs. Gold? Moviesā€™ Ups! Others! Evil Cinderella? … More Mar/ Apr 2018 Topics!

Jan/Feb 2018 Topics

Jan./Feb. 2018 Happy 2018! Drone! Time Bomb? New Invention! Relationship Doubts! Mercedes, Ford, or Buick? A Pioneering Mechanic! Marina Sands! Really Plants Speak?! Underwater City! Auto-Service Flapping South Africa! Space City! Your Weight Management! Treasure Caves! Sweden Piece! Weight ManagementĀ²! Bart Discrimination Policy! Gun vs Knife! Your Nails! Inappropriate! OMG! Credit Cards! Coming Soon! Soap-Free! … More Jan/Feb 2018 Topics

Nov/Dec 2017 Topics!

Nov/Dec 2017 2017! 60-D Plan! BeautyĀ¹Ā¹ Hunting Skills! Pepsi- The Flavor of Fun! 1st Picture! Holidays Donations for Homeless 2nd Picture! Relationships! Save Employees! 3rd Picture! Thank You Veterans! In Love?! Your Shoes! Your ShoesĀ² Reading! Flowers! Snivel?! You Astronaut? Mind Spar! Deep Watch! DAV, Thank YOU! Holidays Visits! Yawning with Thanksgiving! New Invention! Being … More Nov/Dec 2017 Topics!

Sep/Oct 2017 Topics!

Sep/Oct 2017 Sharing is such a good idea. It gives you a relief eventually. Agape SuperStars! Best in Feasts! Far Worthy! Transgenic Tomatoes! Thatā€™s it: Free TV for All! No Go! Why Not? Entertainment Gigantic! Temporizing! The Better You! Red Windmill? Thanks Internet! Active Shooting! Active ShootingĀ²! Miranda? Jury Duty? Hawaiian Lava! Back to Common … More Sep/Oct 2017 Topics!