Rumors ’bout Better Days a Comin’!

Something special about this song: to all of you dearest friends! 😉  Just enjoy! 😉 Weekend Clip & Lyrics: Somebody was spreading rumors ‘Bout better days a comin’ Why was I hummin’ As if I knew One and the same But I just whispered your name Somebody was sayin’ something ‘Bout there being an end … More Rumors ’bout Better Days a Comin’!

Love & Valentine’s!

Plenty of love! Thanks for being here dearest friends and readers from everywhere! 😉 Looking for something to do on Valentine’s Day! 😉 You and I are working today, aren’t we?  🙂 Put yourself in others’ place, how would it feel not having your beloved ones around you?  It’s sometimes funny how someone would react not … More Love & Valentine’s!

Can You Tell?

Hey there! Welcome back for the US, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Brazil, Ghana, Canada, and India! 😉 How do you feel about this picture? Oh! Of course .gif pictures are fascinating in the way they sparkle. I used to be a huge fan of this kind of pictures. Sufa claimed that the unicorn in this picture is … More Can You Tell?

On The Edge!

Life is as challenging as exploring the deep water in oceans, always bring that to mind! 😉 Welcome back dearest readers and friends from the US, India, and Canada! 😉 Sometimes, it is totally unexpected, and it just happen. You don’t know where that came from, or why, but it is just happen. Remember one … More On The Edge!