Hovering Over 1Zumba Exuberance

Good time is a good time, but until you try it, you wouldn’t know. Right?!


Some people act happy, but they are not. They try hard to show off, and to cover their miserable feeling, and financial disasters with fake smiles, insecure attitudes, or insincere bubbles. Well, this is the only way they learn how to deal with their problems. Nobody taught them otherwise.

While they are acting weird, they do not see what they are doing, coz they are inside the circle. They think that people would not notice how weirdo they are. But the truth is that, everyone around them feels it, and reacts to it; whether by ignoring it, or staying away from its negative energy.

12928189_504408843076397_6274398445892827392_nIt’s awful to have individuals like this in your life; most probably, you would try to stay as far away as possible from them. Some choose to deal with these inconveniences by going to a class of 1Zumba, thinking that they find the right escape. Do you think they did?

Probably ‘Yes’, or may be ‘No’, who knows?

In reality, and according to an Italian 1Zumba instructor: “1Zumba could be a good place to free yourself from all the burdens that life bring you. What’s important is to keep in mind that once you detect any drama type sources, you immediately try to protect yourself from those negative electrons that can come your way, and can change your mood; and instead of having fun, you may end up having a new load.”

1Z-HongKHowever, my friend 1Zumba instructor, Laura, said that: “Happiness brings happiness, while sadness brings more sadness.” So I asked her: “How is that?” She told me that her mom used to tell her: “Don’t be rude, or you’ll be ruined.” I thought I was missing the point. Then she explained to me that people act differently, and react in  a wide range of various reactions. In all cases, this can be categorized in two main streams: Nice or Rude.

When one is nice to people, you would find that person is nice to everyone, coz this is his/her nature. A rude person is the opposite, with everyone else too. There are degrees of being nice, and degrees of being nasty. Many factors affect our behavior, and we should work hard on improving ourselves, if we wish to be decent human beings.

However, if we decided that we live in a jungle, and that we need to be rude to others, 1Z-Mexico2in order to get where we want to, it is our problem to deal with the consequences, whatever they are.

The excellent 1Zumba Approach seem to be working well in dealing with tensions of life; whether the person is nice or rude, it does not matter. It tackles areas of our bodies and our minds as well. It may not change some stubborn narrow viewpoints, but it helps absorb a lot of the negativity one has.

According to Melanie Tannenbaum, in order to be a good 1Zumba instructor, you’ve got to do many things carefully: here.

Suzi, on the other hand, said that, it was very simple to get her license, but in fact, it was not about the CertProg1Zumba license, it was more than that. More

1Zumba approach, in order to be delivered appropriately, is not only about getting certification. Therefore, when you choose your instructor, you’ve got to be ready for trying as many as you can, then decide who are the ones that you can feel comfortable with. Anyway, in every profession, there is the good and the bad.

So be diligent when you are hovering over 1Zumba exuberance.  😉

Thanks  a lot for your comments & emails, love you all  😉

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