1Zumba! Exceptional Tea?!

Thank you for being with us today, particularly our dear friends and readers from Canada, the US, Malaysia, Austria, Paraguay, the UAE,  Vietnam, & Mexico 😉

Dear 1Zumba friend, I am asked to prepare a lesson about new slang words, and, of course, as normal the easiest way is to check it up on Google, to see any new resources, so that you would come up with the most recent links, which contain good info in this connection.

Then you would go through a bunch of these links, read through, select which of them make more sense to you, collect on one page all the phrases that would make your main elements, then come up with your final conclusion.

Oh! Let’s have a question of our 100 Competition, since Angelica reminded us yesterday in her email, that she was waiting for more, but couldn’t see any lately. We apologize for the delay 😳


Now, back to our chat about new slang words. You see how simple it is to read this, but when you start the implementation phase, you would find that it could take you hours and hours, and you still are not convinced enough with the materials that you have.

The reason I’m saying this is a question sent to us by one of our friends, in which he wanted to know how easy it is to get to know about a subject, or to collect knowledge about one. In the meantime,  this is only one of several methods that you can use, depending on the nature of the subject your’e working on.

Too complicated? Not really, it has both one could say. The most important thing though is the result, and if you succeed to get the best info possible or not.

One of the interesting slang word I found was “tea”. Of course we all know what “tea” is, but the new slang usage was hilarious. It’s concerned with gossips! So if someone says that she sips tea, this would mean that she chooses not to speak about this subject. Also, if someone says: “The tea was exceptional”; she didn’t mean the tea we drink, haha! Instead, she was talking about the gossips, & how the subject-matter was so juicy. 😎

Let me stop here for a moment to take my breath, & in few minutes, we will resume our chat. We love you all ❤

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