1Zumba! From Behind The Scenes!

Hello everyone! How glad I am to talk to you again. It’s really a pleasure to have you all with us today, especially from Canada, the US, Russia, Germany, Netherlands, Mexico, Bulgaria, the UK, Saudi Arabia, n Taiwan 😉

It’s crazy to feel that everyone is waiting to see what will happen in this presidential primary election in CA, as if they don’t already know that the highest possibilities are on the side of Clinton.

My friend, Natasha, called me the day before yesterday, saying that she was summoned by a group of Hillary supporters in Oakland, who were recruiting hundreds of people via emails, and  others, in order to help with the process of  voting for Clinton.

I said: “So what are you gonna do?” She said: “She was gonna go out of curiosity”. Haha! I said: “didn’t curiosity kill the cat?” laughing, to which she answered: “Yes, but I like to see what they are saying about the huge number of people who are ready to vote for her. I wanna see it with my own eyes” 😕


I wished her good luck, and I asked her to take some photos, so that we could share here with you. She agreed, and so it was.

Nick, 1Zumba friend, your  best chances will be in joining the team training. As I asked an experienced coach, his advice was old players would give the the knack, which couldn’t be acquired except through people who had hands-on. Honestly, I believe in what he said, but it is still up to you. I hope this would help you make up your mind. 😉

Oh! I forgot to tell you that in that email Natasha received, they were asking her to pay $3, in order to test her commitment to the party or something like that. Haha! 👿

When I saw her yesterday, of course I asked her about the photos, coz that was the first thing that came to my mind. Then, she told me something very funny. She said that the group recruited an actor from  “Scandal” TV show to speak about voting to  Mrs. Clinton.

She added that she took pictures for him, while he was standing to a Hillary  cardboard stand-up. Natasha said there was a good number of people. I didn’t know what that meant, since I didn’t see the hall myself. She also mentioned that the general atmosphere was that people came to eat nuts & shrimps. Haha!

It was really great to see the pictures, coz many people think that there is no action going on, and that everyone is waiting for the last moment just to know what others would be doing?? But anyway, if this is the case, we tried to let you see what was going on behind the scenes sort of saying. 🙂

We do thank you for being with us, and we will talk to you soon. Just keep checking on our previous posts, you’d find everything you’d wish to know about us. Until we chat some more, here’s my hugs 😉

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