1Zumba Or FBI Skirmish?²

Dear friends and readers from everywhere, thank you for visiting our site today. The USand Bangladesh are the ones who will get our special welcome one more time, to where you’d find that tiny piece of info which would inspire you, as usual we hope 😉

As a continuation for a subject we talked about before in our edition titled “1Zumba or FBI Skirmish?“, we will explain and add few points to that previous post published on.11/22/2015, replying questions that we have received recently from our readers.

As X was asked in his interview: “You’ve mentioned a lot of hobbies, why don’t you talk Image result for having an interviewto us about music?”, other topics included  the following points, as were given to us:

  • Michelle Obama, she did some work for obesity, what do you think?
  • Technological devices versus workforce, can machines replace humans?
  • Speech to group of students, coming for Southern CA for the first time, what are you gonna say?
  • Persuasive way to ask your friend to quit smoking.
  • Yoga versus Rumba.
  • Playing piano.Image result for blonde piano player
  • Music, love for music, Elvis Presley.
  • Using music as mandatory subject in education.
  • The latest news you’re following on TV: local or national.
  • If you were not an ……, what other jobs would you choose, if you didn’t have this love & appreciation for music?
  • What are the things the machine cannot do in translation?
  •  The employee deducted the food cost from the travel stipend. React.
  • The ambassador Image result for conferenceconsulted with the minister before the press conference.
  • The project is  came to an end coz the gov withdrew its financing.
  • The pilot tried to hear the radio but the signal of the radio stopped.
  • The fire spread fast and and the factory.
  • The rest of food was bad but the soup filled the guests in the house.
  • He conspired with the organization.
  • The investigator Image result for writer posesaw the message and tried to imagine the person who sent it.
  • The author wrote an incomplete review about the novel last year.
  • The contradiction uncoordinated the political parties even more than before.
  • The week was busy and the schedule prevented the employees from the rest or the relaxation.
  • There was a leaking in the roof, and the water went into the bucket.

The talk seemed to take forever, but X didn’t mind answering all the questions he’s been asked, the only thing he wanted was some water to drink, or a break to go to the rest room. Apparently nobody thought about that, and he didn’t know how to interrupt that conversation!

Now it’s time for our competition question no. 72:


Definitely, we will miss you until we talk again. Hang up there, & catch up with what you’ve missed. We’re sure you’d find the word, that would inspire you for your next step in your life. Kisses & hugs ❤


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