1Zumba Photography Talent…

Friends and readers, welcome to our spot!

I love you all, and I’m very happy every time I speak with you. Thank you the US, South Korea, & Netherlands readers, writers, bloggers, & friends 😉

My dear 1Zumba friend, it’s not the same like when you are around! 

Our brief post today is about a very talented photographer. I saw his work accidentally, when I was looking around the other WordPress articles. I was amazed of how talent he was. Therefore, I found it fair to share this with all of you, and invite you to visit his site, if you were interested in photography.



His post grabbed my attention: “Still Life Without Woodpecker“, I’m sure that his personal photo also was very charismatic. I wonder if he ever thought of being an actor?! Just kidding!

I would love to host any new article or writing that any of you wish to publish for others to see and to know about. Bloggers and writers, I know that writing sometimes can be a burden; but it is such a bless at the same time!

We have an open invitation for any person who feels that s/he has something to say to people, something that s/he would like to share openly 🙂

Our new Question no. 73 today brought you this:


Thank you for being here on a Friday’s evening. We will talk some more, I just need to fix my cell phone for few moments, then I’ll come back to you for more talk ❤

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