A Lot To See!

Thank you for seeing you here today. It’s always so enjoyable to talk to you, to answer your questions, and to give opinion when it is needed. 
Welcome dear friends and readers from the Us, India, Croatia, Spain, Canada 😉

My dear 1Zumba friend, have you been to California yet? It’s one of the great places on Earth. You said that you’re visiting soon, how soon this is? 😉

Melony & Shui asked Michelle about her business card, and why it looks like the way it looks. I thought about it for a moment, and then, Michelle answered: “Frankly speaking, I’m not sure why it looks like that, coz may be it was the company’s intention to have their name in a big font, and its employees in a smaller one.

I never paid much attention to her business card, to be honest. I noticed at that moment that the card is filled of her company’s info, as if the card was for the company rather than for herself. I commented: “May be it was for free, and that was why your administrator filled it out with their own info, instead of representing you, yourself”. 😛

She looked at all of us, as if it was her first time to think about it, or to take a deeper look at what was there in her business card.

Obviously, Melony and Shui question raised curiosity in her, and she took a deeper look into what she had in her wallet, and kept giving it to everyone she knew. 🙄

Michelle added, “when I first joined this company, I was promised a lot of things, among them was those business cards. They were supposed to represent who I am, bcmake me look professional, affordable, small & mighty, no tech problem, convenient, quick, and that they mostly work for anyone.”

Something needs to be done, may be, for our business cards, don’t you think so my dear 1Zumba friend?

Or may be when you come to CA, it will be fun to discuss it all. Right? After all, there is still a lot to see.

Until we talk some more, here’s my kisses and hugs, for all of you ❤

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