Rated R?

To all of you, we say “Welcome”. Capture your thoughts; they are similar to clouds moving slowly away, then you wouldn’t find’m any more.

Welcome to our post, and enjoy your reading; friends from the US, Canada, Kuwait, n Norway 😉

“I’m here”, she said to the other member. That was in the ladies room, in the gym.

Another one was walking next to me with nothing on at all coming Image result for girls locker roomfrom the toilets area I thought she was having a shower, but she was not she opened her locker. Then she got the towel around her waist, but changed her mind n headed towards the pool door.

I knew that there was something wrong coz that pool for both genders!! 🙄

It’s never too much to emphasize the importance of cleanliness for some folks, but is it for every part of your home, or certain areas?

Only one place we will talk about today: your bathroom.

Image result for unhappy with his bathroomI know of some celebrities, unfortunately, they leave their bathrooms for weeks without cleaning, though they have guests’ bathrooms absolutely in glow.

Shame, no. They don’t feel any shame, coz this is their private bathroom, so nobody else will enter it.

Second, they feel that no matter how dirty their bathroom is, it is ok, coz they have better things to attend to, and they don’t want their help to look inside to see how filthy their private bathrooms are, to the point when it becomes really really annoying. At that time only, they would may consider to go ahead with its cleaning, or permission to clean. 😛

Why it’s vital to have a clean bathroom? Obviously for health and personal Image result for not clean bathroomcare reasons. Microorganisms, Bacteria, Viruses, & Pathogenscan live on bathroom surfaces for up to a week or more. Keeping a clean bathroom means wiping surfaces daily with bacteria killing solutions (vinegar, bleach, antibacterial cleaners); paying special attention to the surfaces of the toilet, tub, sink and all handles & faucets.

However, and this is really important, cleanliness is a relative word; in other Image result for not clean bathroomwords, what is clean for you, might be less clean for me, and might be super cleaning for a third person and so on.

Lena, my friend, does not allow any stranger to enter to her bathroom or use it; for example, if there was a repair worker doing some work at her home, and he wanted to use her bathroom, she would not allow it, very strictly. Not even her guest bathroom. Her hypothesis in that based on sanitation reasons.

For friends who asked me about my story with “Bluff”, here’s an additional dialogue that took place after the point we stopped at, coz when we heard those steps, it was the steps for a pregnant lady and her son, and apparently they were looking for one of the students.

Their bad 1-31luck brought them to our room though, or may be it was my good luck. 😛

  • Now what?
  • I don’t know.
  • Who are they?
  • I have no idea.
  • Why are they coming to your class then?
  • Trust me, I don’t know.
  • (Talking to the expecting lady) Do you know her?
  • Shaking her head no.
  • Are you sure?
  • Shaking her head yes.
  • So now what?
  • Let’m go their way: an expecting mother and her youngster.
  • Yeh? How about if they call the cups?
  • For what? You didn’t do anything wrong, did you?
  • Oh! You know, you’re right. I shouldn’t be worried about them.
  • It’s gonna be complicated, if I kept them here anyway, and I mean no harm for no one.

  • You’re absolutely right. (Shaking my head approving what’s he saying)
  • All right, you can go your way, it’s the wrong room, as you said. Just let me complete my talk with Sophie. (OMG- he knows my name, so he specifically came to my class!) 🙄

This section is for bloggers who are interested in critiques, a follower sent me the name of this movie. I didn’t have time to watch it or review it. If you have the time, and interested in doing this, by all means, pls do. The only thing I’d like you to do, is to send us your critique so that we can share it Image result for get outwith everyone else. I’m not sure if it is G, PG or R rated, but I’m not into horror or thrill movies.

It’s all depends on the nature of that movie, but we will know from you, and through your own eyes. As most of us know the movies’ watching system: A fast reminder, it is:
G: General Audiences – all ages admitted.
PG: Parental Guidance Suggested – may not be suitable for children.
PG-13: Parents Strongly Cautioned-may be inappropriate-children under 13.
R: Restricted – under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.

We hope it would be enjoyable experience for you and for us as well.

Until we continue our chat with you, here’s our hugs & kisses ❤




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