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What your shoes tell about you?

Many smart people could guess your age or your profession by seeing your shoes. Not only that, they could  know your gender and your income as well.

“Shoes serve a practical purpose, and also serve as non-verbal clues with symbolic messages,” said Dr Angela Bahns, one of the study’s authors. “People tend to pay attention to the shoes they wear.”

You might be willing to have people know about your age and your profession, or you might not. It all depends.

Few studies were done to reveal more about the connection between the kind of shoes you choose and your personality. They came up with few traits, such as:Shoes-Sophie (3)

. Anxious people tend to wear shoes that look brand new.

. Needy people tend to wear shiny shoes, seeking approval of others around them.

. Naturally if you had more money, you would wear expensive shoes and you’d have plenty of them, but not necessarily in fashion all the time.

. Comfy shoes may indicate that you’re a worker and that you need to stand long hours on your feet.

. Models tend to wear strange shoes to attract your attention or your camera.

In the meantime, you need to remember that you would wear your shoes according to the occasion or the place you’re going to, which means if you were going to the Image result for boots with a piece of metal on the tipbeach, probably you’d wear slippers, or if you were invited for a cocktail, you’d wear a more formal pair of shoes that go with your dress or your suit.

You would be surprised to know that some people use their shoes as a way of defending themselves, when they wear boots with a piece of metal on its front tips. 🙄

The majority of you, however, agreed that shoes are revealing for your real personality, you can’t fake it in this one 🙂

If you have more suggestion about this subject, pls feel free to comment or share your experiences with all of us.

Until we chat again, continue digging deeper into our topics to find your true inspiration, and enjoy every word you read with our hugs and kisses

. Clothes Say


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