Mamas! ♥♥♥♥♥

Ask me face to face, coz if you asked anyone else, you’ll only get a version of what I said. Got it! Welcome back friends from the US, Canada, the UK, India, France, Singapore, Brazil, Thailand, Uganda, Nigeria, Denmark, Germany, and Philippines 😉

BerrylookWell, enough talking about magic for a moment, welcoming Mothers’ Day and congratulating every mother who tried her best to be a good model to her kids. 

Mothers! We owe you a lot of love, respect, and appreciation, not only for raising us up, but also for carrying us in your bellies for at least 7 long months sometimes 9 months or more.

The least we can say is wishing you very Happy Mothers’ Day. Therefore to every mother on Earth here’s our special card:Mamas

For some reason, I felt that this card is the most realistic one for mothers on this day, and don’t ask me why?

Until we talk again, keep your high spirit sipping our topics, indulge yourself with our hugs and kisses Qatar Airways Worthy

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