Real Magic?

You can do it if you really want it! vs. You can’t always get what you want! Which one is the survival?! 😉 Welcome back readers and friends from the US, Canada, the UK, India, France, Portugal, Singapore, Brazil, Thailand, Uganda, Nigeria, Denmark, Germany, and Philippines 😉

That was not all what Ruby said, there was more, and that was the whole magical part about it for him.

Do you know what he said? He said: “After  Mo and I returned back and got the ice-cream piece from the ice-cream guy, Mo was so happy and acting as if not believing that he got what he was longing for. Taking a few steps away from the ice-cream cart, and because of my complete amazement and surprise, I turned around to see what that guy was doing out there by himself, after all the kids were gone. I thought why he was still standing there. But when my eyes went back there, they had a  shock. The guy had vanished, he and his ice-cream cart!

I couldn’t believe my eyes, and made a whole turn in all directions where there weren’t any buildings for that guy to hide behind, expect very far away from where he was attending to his cart. The ice-cream guy and his ice-cream cart literally evaporated, as if they were never there! What would you call that?! Other than magic, I couldn’t call it anything else.”Magic2

Now you see how it turned out that good incidents can still occur to you or to anyone else you know. Nevertheless, not everyone is ready for magic, I think that believing in magic must have the element of optimism and love. You can call it anything that has the good intention in it.

If you were pessimistic person, you wouldn’t believe in magic, and that is how I felt about two people who told me that they didn’t believe in magic. However, I didn’t ask them their interpretation for the word “magic” when they said that. Probably they were talking about something specific in life or perhaps they met some kind of mischief in their lives that made them think that way.Real magic.jpg

As we said before, not everyone is capable of seeing the magic, you need to have good eyes for it; otherwise you’d miss the fun and the funny parts about it. Take a deep look at the above picture, can you see the real magic? If you did, you’re having blessed eyes, if you didn’t unfortunately there’s nothing you can do about it except you can try more contemplation from time to time, so your good part would be higher than your other part. When you reached the required level, you’d see and enjoy all the magic in your world for real.

The real magic exists in your life, in your world, and there are many signs around you to get it. It is simple and straightforward. It is pure magic without tricks!

Still the professional magic is appreciated for your entertainment, but we will talk about it in another post, with our hugs and kisses


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    1. Oh, Miriam, your words are almost in my mind. Do you read my mind? 🙂 Yes, I absolutely agree with that; we can achieve beyond what we think we can (y) Thank you for your comments. (y) Always delighted to hear from you (y)

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