Optimists can win the world, be one! 😉 Hello and welcome back friends from the US, Canada, Chile, and Brazil 😉

Eva loves to play the victim role. That is how she gets attention and sympathy of other coworkers, as Roberto said.  Unfortunately this is one kind of the toxic people.

There has been many classifications for the toxic people’s types and mostly they are immoral  and tend to reflect insecure personalities. The most common ones include: 

.  Negative person: No smile, gloomy, and see the down side only.
. Critical all the time: Don’t confuse it with constructive criticism. Amy will approach you and whisper in your ears: “Why don’t they change the decoration of last week?” always expressing dissatisfaction to her coworkers.

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. Waste your time: Drag you into their problems and their lives, and venting their problems at you. Adrian is a typical example of this David mentioned that several times.
. Jealous: If you were better than one of them, jealousy would make them do a lot to discredit your achievements.
. Play the victim: as Eva did with Roberto.
. Careless: Irresponsible at work, slob, of skittish nature. 
. Self-Centered: Kenzi will talk about herself forever regardless she has a customer to serve or not.
Related image. Disappointing: Jason always promise you things he can’t fulfill so you should not depend on him any more.
. Badmouthing others:  Bella talks behind your back maliciously.
. Having drama all the time: Only talking about his disasters to you.
. Liars: Can’t live without lying to others for no reason.
. Not listening: Talking all the time frivolous talk as Maria does.
. Lose temper: Can’t stand any remarks of correcting their situations. 
. Know-it-all: Above you and anyone else. 
. Mr. Right: Peter is never wrong and he never apologize for being mistaken.

You’re a smart manager and that is why you’d protect yourself from those toxic employees. How? By using these tactics:

. It is tempting to lash out at toxic employees but this only will increase the likelihood of putting yourself in danger. In addition, because they are so envious, do not flaunt your achievements before them. Play your cards close to the vest.

. If you’re walking through the woods and you knew of a poisonous plants, naturally you’d avoid them, you wouldn’t touch them or smell them. The same goes for toxic employees. Better not to seek out their company if  you don’t need to. Limit your interactions to the necessary ones.


. Avoid sinking down to their level. That would satisfy them but it would make you feel bad about yourself. Keep yourself busy and focused on your goals.

. Since they want to have you as their victim, they would act nicely to you, no matter what it takes. Don’t be fooled by that. You can give them a smile but be cautious.

As always, there’s more, but may be we’ll answer some questions next time.

Until then, keep digging to get your true inspiration from our topics, with our hugs and kisses

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