Your Secrets!

Secrets may come to your life perhaps without your consent! 😉 Welcome back readers and friends from everywhere: the US, Switzerland, the UK, and India! 😉

Everyone has secrets! True!

But your secrets could be intentional or unintentional. For example if you intentionally kept from your husband a meeting wit an old friend, its an intentional secret; while if you unintentionally forgot to mentioned it, it’s unintentional one and could be considered as a forgotten incident.

Nunn BushIn both cases: they are your own secrets. You sure have hundreds of examples coming to your mind now, but added to that, there are secrets that are different from these.

The secrets we’re talking about are the life secrets that come to you without your permission or any interference on your part. Secrets that have become so called secrets only by circumstances. In other words, secrets that you didn’t have a hand in having them in your life or having them classified as secrets in the first place.

Picture this: a father whose daughter was raped by a number of filthy unscrupulous guys leaving her by night in the middle of the dark desert. The girl lost her mind and became mental cast.

Who were they? Why did they do that to his girl? Plus hundred of other questions that kept puzzling his mind and the police who couldn’t help to find a clue to anything.

Cashmere in LoveThose unanswered questions had become secrets but not of the father but from the father. Secrets! that were caused by some unknown circumstances and probably would never be revealed for him or for others. The victim herself couldn’t help in finding out any thread that would uncover that cruel act.

Life gave that father some secrets added to his own, but may be they were meant to be rather burdens!

Until we chat again, acquaint yourself with other stories in our posts, you’d find plenty of clear thoughts with our hugs and kisses ❤sophiechannel

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