The Monuments Men!

Hey everyone! Great to see you all again! 😉 Welcome back friends and readers from everywhere: the US, the UK, and India! 😉

It’s a movie!

The group was dominantly males since it was at the time of war and men like to take huge risks giving their precious souls to none-sense, leaving behind only the burden of not being there any more for their families, and the forever sadness and gloom.Cashmere in Love

It’s a family movie, but the message it was giving was a false one.

Let’s explain that. The story was simple a group of soldiers or army people during a certain war, were ordered to protect some art heritage. Of course, there was a lot of exaggerations at a number of points, but regardless, the man in charge of that mission stated early in the first chapters of the movie: “Remember, your life is more important than a piece of art!”

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By the end of the movie “The Monuments Men”, and after the leader lost two of his men, he was asked by his superiors if it was worth the death of two men, he said it was, which was a direct contradiction to his opening statement. That was confusing to the viewer, and untrue by all means.

There is no piece of art which is worth the soul and the spirit of a human being. Can’t you see a higher piece of art in the human being?!

Until we chat again, be alert to any ideas that come to your doors, without permission, and stick to your posts, with our hugs and kisses ❤sophiechannel

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