Timing 2020⁵!

Welcome back everyone from the US or any other place. Tonight you with all of us are celebrating a new year! Love & care for each other! 😉

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Wed 12:00 midnight Regions of USA and 4 more Los AngelesSan FranciscoLas Vegas
Wed 1:00 am Alaska/USA and regions of French Polynesia AnchorageFairbanksJuneauUnalaska
Wed 1:30 am Marquesas Islands/French Polynesia Taiohae
Wed 2:00 am Small region of USA and 2 more HonoluluRarotongaAdakPapeete
Wed 3:00 am American Samoa and 2 more AlofiMidwayPago Pago
Wed 4:00 am Much of US Minor Outlying Islands Baker IslandHowland Island

The progress towards the new year will continue until 4 am Pacific Time. There are plenty of new songs and entertainment materials on YouTube. We shared few and we’ll be sharing more soon:

There is plenty you hope for and the majority feel the same. You‘re not alone in this. What you go through we go through too. The whole universe is connected to each other.image.pngUntil we chat again next year, just celebrate. Tonight cheer up, have a smile, listen to a joke, and have fun as much as you can with our hugs and kisses


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