All what you have is what you call it “Time”! 😉 Welcome back dearest writers readers friends from everywhere: the US, Russia, Greece, Argentina, Brazil, China, Romania, France, Norway, Jamaica, Australia, Czech Republic, Romania, Puerto Rico, Canada, Dominica, India, Hungary, Japan, Malaysia, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Poland,Portugal, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Morocco, Thailand, Italy, the UK, Jordan, South Africa, Germany, Spain, Lebanon, Norway, South Korea, Jersey, Netherlands, and Chile! 😉

Did you ever watch that movie?

I can’t believe that Kevin Costner has played that role? You must have watched that movie long ago. It’s  released in …

Not a family movie although the two top characters were kids. It’s dark horror that should not be watched by kids ever. For one reason, it would bring them nightmares most probably. 

The NewDaugtIt’s a line of haunted remote homes which you mostly hear about as a trivia but there is some real homes that had witnesses of reality.

One more thing, it shouldn’t be called the “New Daughter”. It could have been called “Cursed Daughter” or others. What do you think?

Until we chat again, pls share any feedback with us. We really appreciate your precious time in reading and sharing with our hugs and kisses


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