All what you have is what you call it “Time”! šŸ˜‰ Welcome back dearest writers readers friends from everywhere: the US, Russia, Greece, Argentina, Brazil, China, Romania, France, Norway, Jamaica, Australia, Czech Republic, Romania, Puerto Rico, Canada, Dominica, India, Hungary, Japan, Malaysia, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Poland,Portugal, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Morocco, Thailand, Italy, the UK, Jordan, South … More Cursed!

Real Shots!

Dearest friends and readers, everyday is a great day! And the reason is that we’re alive talking to each other, enjoying our Earth. Just remember that…Oh! First, welcome to our site the US, New Zealand, India, n Vietnam šŸ˜‰ Hey hey! Wake up! Have some fun. Read something light, like our daily posts. Listen to … More Real Shots!