She & He²!

Welcome back friends from everywhere!

As a continuation for our previous post “She & He”. Enjoy and smile a bit 🙂SophieTextingSophieTextingB



I really really am attracted to you Why don’t you send ur picture?
Here’s my picture Great I have to go bye now
Get out of my head!!!
Good morning hey
How is your day? Good u?
Relaxing No getting ready for a quick walk . Back in 30 bye
Back, whar u doin?
Taking a nap. Didn’t sleep well Oh coz I was in ur head?
Already awake from nap
I couldn’t stop thinking of you last night Hope only good things, honestly did you read anything?
Good things yyes

some yes

where is my picture?

I got your s yesterday
U like it? There’s one attached to my email.

Did it appear at ur end?

I want you to pick out 1 just for me and no it didnt

it’s the least you can do for keeping me up all night

Oh no, it’s ur brain
My brain was only half the problems 🙂 What did u read?
I will read it all tonight after I get a picture Do u work now?
Off today

yes be working regularly

Pinole, don’t change subject, picture!!! No i’ll send u one when I get to my computer
I have to run for a bit chat later?

I’ll wait for my picture

Manager nature. My concern is that we both have this nature. k
Don’t be concerned k
Isnt it nice to be wanted? It makes u run

I haven’t made love in close to 2 years 😦

Can we stay away from this department

we’ve just started chatting yesterday

my 2nd concern

We are adults

and yes

no concern

It’s not how it works E
I know. I don’t just want to jump into bed Let’s start friends earning trust
Yes chat later.

chat later

K bye

Until we chat again,reading and writing are a great escape currently with our hugs and kisses

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