Denti-Cal Disaster!

You see what nobody else can see! 😉 Thank you all for coming back today, friends from everywhere: the US, the UK, Japan, Russia, Canada, Australia, France, Saudi Arabia, Germany, India, China, Ireland, and all! 😉

More than 15,000,000 millions Californians have Denti-Cal insurance and their needs are not nearly met.

Why administrators want you to think that your teeth are not as important as your body? Why did administrators try to convince you that you’re lucky to get any sort Emergency Dentist Raleigh, NC | Fusion Dental | Emergenciesof dental insurance in CA? 

There has been many problems accumulated over the years but the bottom line is that dentists no more accept Denti-Cal, although lists of dentists’ names are still printed in the catalog that is sent to insurers.

Mr. Trump was able to sign an executive order for the restoration of monuments and parks, perhaps he can sign an order for the restoration of CA teeth as well?

Low-income seniors with Denti-Cal are losing teeth, suffering infections and accruing thousands of dollars of debt to pay for an array of treatments not covered by the state-funded dental insurance for the poor.

In truth, these seniors are lucky to have any coverage. Medicare – the federal insurance program for seniors – does not cover dental care. Dental benefits for many adults on Medi-Cal, which provide…. more

Bizarre ridiculous and unacceptable!

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Until we chat again, there’s still more to say about it with our hugs and kisses

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