Ben Affleck!

Welcome back again to your preferred pages dearest friends from the US, the UK, Brazil, Turkey, Nepal, India, France, Qatar, Ukraine, Philippines, Canada, Vietnam, Germany, and all! 😉

What happened to Ben Affleck?

Something wrong about the roles he chose lately? You wouldn’t believe that that was the man that you liked to watch his movies and enjoy it.Ben Affleck behind the camera on the set of Live By Night

May be he had some personal problems but this is not an excuse for the wrong role choices he made lately with Netflix. Two of the worst movies he every played: “the Last Thing He Wanted”, “Triple Frontiers”.

Movies that are shot by night are generally terrible, who is watching that junk?!

The key for the puzzle is “An Onion”!

Until we chat again, get engaged and surprise us with a sharing or a comment, with our hugs and kisses

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