Greetings from CA to all dearest friends writers readers bloggers everywhere in our fantastic planet: the US, the UK, the UAE, Bulgaria, Italy, Germany, Nigeria, Philippines, France, Algeria, Qatar, Sweden, china, India, Saudi Arabia, and all! 😉

“It seems that there is a serious attempt to turn you all  into vampires :)”
You know why she said that?
It’s right after she watched “An Affair to Die For “

Cloe and Deck mentioned that they watched one Netflix recommended movie according to what appeared on the screen although the picture that was  on the movie cover looked gloomy nevertheless coz it was a 2019 production meaning recent movie, they decided to give it a try, but what a try it was!

It was the first and the last movie they watched on Netflix. Sorry Netflix you are making people leaving.

Until we chat again, probably reading some reviews before watching any movie is good to avoid being turned into a vampire with our hugs and kisses

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