Poker & New Bond!

Welcome back and thank you for being here dearest lovely friends writers readers from everywhere: the US, the UK, India, Italy, Canada, Czech Republic, Romania, Philippines, Chile and all! 😉

Have you ever thought of playing cards? I bet if you’ve been to Vegas, you might have been able to take a peek here and there 🙂

Answering a question about poker. I found this poker beginners explanation:

Sophie007Do you remember Bond when playing cards and winning. Oh! Losing first but then winning. He was supposed to be unchallenged player but he was almost killed due to that win.

But do you think that Daniel Craig will continue after this coming new James Bond in November?

To that extent active players are so extremist just of the sake of winning and the big money entailed to that. Cards playing seem to be a completely another world.

That might make you think of casinos during this time, mostly closed. I don’t think that anyone is ready to die taking a chance with that unmerciful virus.


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Until we chat again, may be it is good to tell you Angela story of her eyelashes and what happened with our hugs and kisses

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