Share your thoughts, it’s healthy! 😉 Welcome back to your posts dearest readers writers friends from everywhere: the US, the UK, Mongolia, Mexico, Russia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Lithuania, Japan, Chine, Thailand, Qatar, Canada, and all!

What do you need? A pin, a code, or a password? This is how it is now. You live with pins, codes, passwords and more but do you think it really protects your data?

SophieCodesYou got to go with it whether you agree or disagree. There is more say for you. If you disagreed about the terms and conditions you wouldn’t get access for any new service.

Poor you! You got lost among all those new apps which compete over your data to sell for the highest price. Many of you gave up and just accept any terms and conditions. The pressure is so tough no one can take it any more.

But have you ever thought who buys and why? If you see the problem, what do you think the best solution is?

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