It feels such a great morning! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends writers readers and all from everywhere: the US, the UK, Russia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Lithuania, Japan, Chine, Thailand, Qatar, Canada, the UK, Russia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Lithuania, Japan, China, Thailand, Qatar, Canada, and all! 😉

What is the big deal about mustache? It’s a long history as it seems to be.

Moustaches worn by men in Western militaries trace their origins back to the 18th century Hungarian hussar cavalry units, which ..more

MustacheIt is said that women prefer some mustaches over others and in other cases they dislike mustaches so which one is better? is it only coz of the way it looks like or is it due to other feelings?

Hard to know but sometimes there are trends and events that take place for showing the latest fashion for mustaches or beards and trying different shapes is part of the deal. It might not look good on you certain style while it would go fabulous with someone else.See the source image

You can say it is a matter of taste and preference whether to have a mustache or not for men.

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