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Why do you think knowing your body parts seem to be unimportant for some people?

This is about simple words not necessarily related to anatomy.SophieYourMouth

Fanny thought that kids need to know well the parts of their bodies not only for having good info about the body but also to be used when needed for any health complaint. One of the reasons that a child may fail to express his pains is not knowing the right words for each part of her body.

 In the mouth, this unique community of mostly bacterial organisms, known as the oral microbiome, is an intelligent, semipermeable membrane that performs vital functions to help keep our mouths healthy. These functions include transporting ionic minerals from saliva to the surface of teeth to  more

Anatomy Of Human Mouth Stock Illustration - Download Image Now - iStock

“Only for those who have something against charts or diagrams would not be willing to teach their kids about parts of their mouth or body”, said John explaining that his dad was one of those people for some reason.

Open mouth showing upper lip, lower lip, gums, tongue, and inside of cheek. Hard palate is front of roof of mouth. Soft palate is back of roof of mouth. Uvula is soft tissue that hangs from soft palate. Tonsil is ball of tissue on side of throat, one on each side. Retromolar trigone is tissue that joins upper and lower jaws. Closeup of underside of tongue and floor of mouth (soft tissue under tongue).

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Knowing the parts of the mouth is no. 1 then knowing how to protect your mouth comes 2nd, what do you think? 

Until we chat again, it’s a great start for your kids to know well their body parts, try our updated topics where you will find few topics about your body, with our hugs and kisses

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