Mouth-Care Tips!

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There is a long list of diseases that you do not want to know about that can be caused by poor mouth-care.

Instead of getting any of those awful diseases, you can easily care for your mouth by doing few things that would protect your mouth more; especially when you have to put mask for long hours of the day.

Mouth-CareHere’s what we know:
. Wash your mouth after anything you eat.
. Brush your teeth after each meal you have.
. You can floss once a day.
. Avoid alcohol, chewing tobacco, and smoking.
. Drink water sips are fine to moisture your mouth.
. Check up with your doctor for any specific advice.
. Let your kids practise the same mouth-care you do.
. For your lips, stay hydrated and use vitamin E.
. Brush your tongue get used to it.

Remember that your mouth is not only about your teeth but also your gums, your tongue, and your lips. Every part of your mouth counts. 🙂

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