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It’s a busy day, and as usual you don’t know what the day will bring to you. Mania went to her dentist yesterday, and she said that there were many pages to sign before seeing her dentist.

The title of her forms was “Patient Consent to Treatment”, under which there was more than thirty paragraphs in tiny letters, and next to each paragraph a small line where she was supposed to put her initials, and then to give her whole signature by the end of the form.

Gala and Nuts asked her if she read what she signed. Mordan answered that she did, and that she didn’t initials all paragraphs, coz some of them did not apply to her, and others she disagreed on the context it had.

Mania added that she asked for copies in order to make sure that nothing was going to be changed on those pages, in case something went wrong. She was so cautious. One of the paragraphs contained 7 clauses including:

I understand that:
A. Post-operative discomfort; selling; prolonged bleeding; tooth sensitivity to hot or cold; gum shrinkage (possibly exposing crown margins); tooth looseness; delayed healing (dry-socket) and/or infection (requiring prescriptions or additional treatment, i.e. surgery).
B. ………F.
G. Injury to the nerve underlying the teeth resulting in itching, numbness, or burning of the lip, chin, gums, cheek, teeth, and/or tongue on the operated side; this may persist for several weeks, months, or, in remote instances, permanently.
Injuries to nerves may occur causing pain, tingling, numbness and/or loss of function of the lip, chin, tongue, taste, cheek, gum tissue, teeth, any of which may be temporary or permanent If these altered sensations persist, there may be need for microsurgery procedures. A small piece of root in the jaw may be left if its removal would require extensive surgery or risk of other complications.

The whole papers were designed to protect the dentist against any lawsuit due to negligence or anything else could be a result of any wrong decision taken when performing a procedure on the patient, who could be you!

You do not have to sign, unless you’re convinced that there is nothing in the disclosure that would be not in your best interest. When in doubt, do not sign!

It is really bad to see that devious trend in dealing with dental services clinics and it makes you feel even more scared to get involved with dentists.

Here’s tips for avoiding any unethical practice from dentists or dental services clinics.

Until we chat again, keep shaking our topics to get to your next new idea, with our hugs and kisses

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