Private Lie!

Hi there, nice people! 😉

It’s a drama from real life but exaggerated in some areas.

There was a message for New Yorkers, a message for  18-25 yrs segment of age, another for parents who don’t understand how hard it is to have babies, and how blessed they are; a third one for couples who are or were trying to be parents; and another one for married couples over 40 yrs old; furthermore, one for mothers and fathers who find it hard to deal with their children when they feel that they no longer need them; and for few others. All these messages were wrapped up into a slow-rhythm story of suffering.

Private Life (2018) – Bing video

You might feel bored watching few scenes but the message is still there and strongly shows the system you live in and the full acceptance in spite of having a lot of unexpressed frustrations.

It is a drama genre so what do you expect? It is very close to real life situations and may be exaggerated in some scenes but what you might feel kind of refusal for what is going on or disagreement with the way the couple handled it. The movie is called .”Private Life” or better call it “Private Lie” it’s on Netflix drama movies if you’re curious to see how bad that movie was.

Until we chat again, frustrations due to injustice or negligence can be very destructive as you’ll see in our next post, with our hugs and kisses

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