Big Deal!

Dearest friends, a lot of injustice accumulation creates explosion! 😉 Thanks for being here and welcome back to your pages. Thanks for our new friends from the US, Australia, the UK, India, France, Spain, Italy, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Africa, South Korea, Philippines, Slovakia, Russia, China, Germany, and all! 😉

Do you think you are helpless? Untrue! You have all the tools that you can utilize to score. It is only a matter of dedication and clear vision.


Start with: “Do I have a pen and a paper?” Yes! Then, you can write. Have your voice heard. Express your dislike for any policy and explain the reasons. Keep in mind your best interest and your family’s and your community.

Follow up with it, and write as many as you like and send it to everyone who is in charge of taking a stand until some changes to the better happen. Write to your representative or your senator or your district, until your demand is satisfied. Keep being active and present. No one should be able to take your freedom or your rights away from you. You should not just stand there watching.

You are strong! The People are the heart of the nation. You are the People. You should be respected and your demands should be administered respectfully.W H Dislikes

Click on “Dislike” whenever you feel this even if it was deleted by the House: Yes, The White House which is supposed to be an example in integrity erased more than 1000 dislikes just for the sake of belittling the bad effect of the dislikes over readers. “Just a small adjustment”, as commented by some House personnel. Really? What a con! “It’s not a big deal” added. Actually, it is. It is fraud which is, as it seems to be, normal with this new administration. It is a very big deal! 

It is called cheating!

Until we chat again, there is more tools to utilize coming soon with our hugs and kisses


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