Is That Me?!

Happy Friday America! 😉 Welcome back dearest lovely friends from the US, India, Senegal, China, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, and all! 😉

Dear Me,

I wish to know where to start coz the story is too long. I better try to make it short. I was driving back home after having a session with my physical therapy. I saw that SUV in front of me a black one it has a sticker at its rear saying: “Love Your Mom” and underneath it there was another sticker for 7 diffident religion symbols. I thought “interesting”.

It was at a stop light when I was able to see that the driver was a lady and probably in her fifties. My mind started thinking why would a lady like this put a sticker like that? (talking about the first sticker)Gemstone Rings Gemstone Earrings

Then I thought about the cruelty of life when a mother raised up her kids then when they became adults they wouldn’t really act like what is expected from them, not that they are bad and not that there is any negative intention on their part but sometimes there is no awareness to deal with old parents in general.

Littman JewelersSometimes, you do not want to deal with your old mother due to not knowing what she expects from you. That goes for the father too but mothers are more emotional by nature.

Then I thought about our movies and how in many of them, the mother is characterized in a way that encourage the kids not to appreciate her and sometimes making fun of her advice arguing impolitely and even disrespecting her experience in life. In the movie: “Mrs. Doubtfire” when the brother asked his brother if he wanted to go and live with his mother until the trouble ends with his wife, he sarcastically declined that idea. Not only in that movie but in many many others.

Recently, Hallmark movies realized that and started their own themes of decent movies that appreciate the mother and spread awareness of the difficult role the mother plays in the family and how she is always willing to happily put everyone in her family before herself.

WasItMeAt that thought my mind stopped a moment asking me so why didn’t you tell your kids on how you expect them to treat you when you get older? I did? Yes, I did. I thought “it goes without saying”.

No, not true. My parents didn’t tell me what they expect me to do and that made me act like doing the best I could but not for satisfying their expectations. Had they told me what they expected from me, I could have had acted differently. I understand they never complained mostly out of love and care, but they should have told me their expectations.

The same goes for my kids. How are they going to know what I expect from them without telling them what I have in mind? So it is not the movies or the community or the friends, it is you. You need to prepare your kids for seeing you older and wiser and less able to move and to act the way you used to do when they were kids.

Wow! Is that me driving that SUV?

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Until we chat again, remember to catch up with all what you’ve missed to recharge your inspiration with out hugs and kisses

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