New Movies 2021!

Welcome back great friends from everywhere: the US, US Virgin Islands, Sweden, Colombia, the UK, Russia, India, China, Pakistan, Canada, the UAE, Singapore, Poland, Spain, Greece, Mexico, Philippines, Norway, Serbia, Netherlands, Turkey, Brazil, Guatemala, Japan, Poland, Indonesia, Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Taiwan, Ireland, Egypt, and all! 😉

Sophie3New Movies

Three new movies 2021 only in names but in reality the stories are not. It was claimed that they were based on true stories. Only one of them is enjoyable.

1- “American Traitor”

2- “Above suspicion”

3- “The Carrier”

Guess which one was the best in the three? You wouldn’t know unless you watch the three of them, but we can tell you that the three of them had some scenes not for kids so it is better to watch it first to know where you don’t want your children to watch. Definitely, the 2nd movie is only for adults.

On a second thought, you will like the first one most probably, then the third, then you might dislike the second one. May be this will be right or not. Why don’t you tell us which one you will like.

Until we chat again, there’s plenty to be said it’s just a matter of time, our hugs and kisses ❤SOUL


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