Irreplaceable Cards!

Trillion welcome to your pages! 😉 Dearest friends from everywhere: the US, Bolivia, the UK, India, Sri Lanka, Canada, Germany, China, and all, you made it! 😉

SophiePaperCardsDid you ever thought why paper-cards still exist in this digital age?

Few college students had answer to this. It might seem unimportant subject to talk about but in fact it is. Anything you can talk about is now important not necessarily for its content but for its attributes.

Jacky, Sandra, and Diego suggested that the sentiment the cards bring to you is the main reason for them to still exist. Everyone of the three students had a nice memory about cards.

Sandra said that when her Mom gave her a card in her birthday, it carried a lot of passion and that she was usually Berrylooklooking for that card each year to see what her Mom chose for her while she was gradually growing up and that it was always a nicer card that suited her growth-phase.

Diego explained that his dad and mom usually write one card together for him and that made him happy to feel that his parents were together in everything.

Jacky’s good memories of cards was about collecting cards for all occasions that were sent to her by friends, family, or classmates. She felt special every time she received a card coz it made her thankful that there was all those people who cared enough about her to give her part of their time and effort to send her a card with their own handwriting.

Do you agree with those three students or you’ve already lost the motive to buy cards or you’ve already been lost to digital ecards? Do you still have the feeling of sending a paper card to someone special?

Until we chat again, next some family matters but dig deeper to reach your natural inspiration with our hugs and kisses ❤ Qatar Airways Worthy


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