Art for Good Reasons!

Respecting others elevate your value while bullying bring you down! 😉 Great to be with all of you again, welcome back dearest friends from the US, Croatia, Vietnam, Canada, Armenia, India, Australia, China, Italy, Czech Republic, Brazil, Turkey, Malaysia, Poland, Syria, Kenya, Greece, Nigeria, Cameroon, South Africa, and al! 😉

From time to time, you think of art or maybe not, but sometimes it feels as if art is capable of imposing itself on you. Somehow it does. Your world is full of Godly art so somehow you can’t ignore it. Some believe that art exists in everything you do, is this true? What do you think?


Watching “Mona Lisa Smile” movie (Julia Roberts), you may think deeply about this argumentative point and you might agree or disagree, with us you will never be called the “R” word for giving your opinion about anything. You are free in your opinions so long as you conform with respecting all other opinions.  You should ban the “R” word like parents who are asking for that.

How White-Washed Movies Became My Unlikely Source of ComfortQatar Airways Worthy

Until we chat again, may be we should complete our talk about the new CA runner. with our hugs and kisses ❤

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