All Together!

Exposing the truth has limited effect nowadays! 😉 Welcome back lovely friends from everywhere: the US, Bangladesh, Argentina, India, Romania, Malaysia, Singapore, Hungary, Australia, and al! 😉

Is this good for your community to occur? Is it better to have your family scattered all over the place and meet once a year like strangers? Is there a way to have people feel the family-belonging again? Is this lost forever from your lives?

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You thought that it would be easy to find a place to rent after the COVID ended, but to your surprise it is not. Renters start asking very odd questions in addition to your whole history: past, present, and future as if it is an investigation not a house renting.

The funny thing is that most house hunters never ask or may be some of them do about the background of that landlord or his past as if the transaction is one-sided type of action. Why? Why not?

1- S/he wants to be very decent with the owner since they are the lower hand in this situation.

2- S/he is tired of looking in different areas and have some specific distance in mind related to work.

3- S/he does not care about that person that much although s/he could be dangerous or criminal or anything else.

4- Similar to the background check every landlords asks for, tenants should also made a background check on landlords. Both sides should be comfortable n respecting each other but this in reality does not happen.

5- Housing is a huge problem in CA and people live with each other in groups right now. You would find 5 or more people renting a house all together but they are not family and they make up their own rules. Some of them are compelled to do that and others try to enjoy the company since they do not have relatives or friends.

Until we chat again, find solutions for housing and media illusions, catch up with what you’ve missed with our hugs and kisses ❤SOUL

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