Welcome to USA!

Great conversation! Definitely, sometimes people talk! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends everywhere: the US, the UK, India, Italy, Czech Republic, Brazil, Turkey, Malaysia, Poland, Syria, Kenya, Canada, Greece, Nigeria, Cameroon, South Africa, and al! ;)

Welcome to the USA. Ramadan has brought to the Mosslem countries some good news that should have been already present by the articles of the US Constitution.

It’s a bill that passed in the House on April 21st which will prevent or, let’s say, limit any future president of passing any order that could prevent people from Mosslem countries to come to the US. Meaning no ban in the future could be imposed on Mosslem people in other countries who wish to come to the US and live here.Qatar Airways Worthy

Why is it good?

1- Following the US Constitution, this country is open to everyone whether that person has the same religion or a different one. That person should be welcomed and respected and his rights in religion and life should be respected too.Protesters gather outside the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington

2- The idea that there are some dangerous countries is a phrase that is “bogus”, there is no such a thing. There is no dangerous countries or else the US will be considered the most dangerous one.

3- The label of “Terrorists” which was used for decades by certain elements trying to stick it to Mosslemms is proved to be another one big invalid hoax.

Littman Jewelers4- Like any other suppressed class, US Mosslems similar to African American were sometimes treated unfairly and their achievement were undermined, it is time to make it up for them.

5- Many US Mosslems lost their lives defending the US. And do not be surprised if the US deployed troops have Mosslems killing other Mosslems in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, or others.

Engagement RingsAll these countries are poor countries and people tend to be peaceful and needy. They are not the figures that are shown in your TV shows or on the big screen. It is all wrong representation.

They are people exactly like you. They need to live in peace. They want to feel that they are treated like human being and that they are respected.

Gemstone EarringsIn other countries, they protect their land their homes they do not want you to interfere with their own lives. They do not want you to impose a system on them. They like their own culture and they appreciate good relationships. They are smart exactly like you.

Gemstone RingsThey did not come up with the word racism but the US did.

If you want to see extremists, turn around you and see what is going on in Seattle, in Minneapolis, in New York , in Oregon. It is not other countries. it is here in the US.


Until we chat again, do you think this will be enough to compensate for all what we did for those countries?, with our hugs and kisses

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